About Us

The first few months were a huge learning curve, as with any new venture, and there were many times along the way when I wanted to quit. However, I chose to stay for a few reasons: firstly, it gave me an opportunity to learn about and care for my own hair in a way that I'd never known how to before. I became familiar with my hair type, as well as products and techniques that I can use to achieve the texture and styles that I want.

Secondly, once I learned about my own haircare, I saw the need in the community for people like me who also need help in their haircare journey and it's brought me great pleasure to help women and men find the solutions that they've been searching for.

Lastly, through my store and company, I want to create a place that people can gather and share ideas, encouragement and uplift each other. Most importantly, I want every customer to leave my store with a smile on their face!